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Tattoo Aftercare

After about an hour, or when you get home, remove the bandage. Wash the area with warm soap and water; use a good liquid anti-bacterial soap, like “Dial”.

Pat the area dry with a clean towel, apply a good water-based lotion twice a day, or when ever it feels tight or dry. It should be FRAGRANCE FREE and ALCOHOL FREE.

Some Suggested Brands are: Jergens, Vaseline Intensive Care, Lubriderm

Your tattoo is going to lose ink from the top layer of skin and the body’s natural fluid secretion from healing. We suggest sleeping in an old shirt and sheets or lay on a dark towel. Depending on the size and type of work done (Tribal) you may ruin clothing and bedding the first night.

Your tattoo is going to be warm and red the first day or two and then start to itch as your tattoo heals. Don’t itch or scratch or touch with dirty hands. Your tattoo will start to peel between two and five days and should be completely healed in two weeks or less. Legs may take longer.

Keep tattoo away from sunlight (it will burn in the light). No hot tubs, baths, or swimming pools until after healing, or ink will leech out and may cause a possible scar. Stay away from alcohol or serious pain medication the first night so as not to thin the blood and cause ink loss. Refrain from vigorous workouts or anything that may cause excessive sweating for atleast a week. Stay away from any work out that involves being on the ground or a mat (Yoga or MMA).

The tattoo should feel like a sunburn and heal just like it. The tattoo shouldn’t scab or bleed longer then the first hour or so. If pain, swelling, redness, fever, or blisters occur during healing please consult a physician. People with Diabetes, or any heart or blood disease, should be extra careful. You might experience complications or extended healing times. If you have either of these, consult your physician before considering a tattoo.

Keeping the tattoo clean is very important. Artists take many precautions with using sterile practices and equipment, but after the tattoo leaves the artist, it is all on the client for aftercare. Touching your new tattoo with dirty hands can cause staph-infections. 

People who smoke or work with their hands need to take extra care to not hold or touch open tattoo wounds unless they have just washed their hands, or are in the shower. Staph-infections aren’t necessarily fatal, but can cause puss pockets along area of tattoo, scarring, and fever. Serious infections may require an antibiotic regimen from your physician.

Healing times vary for each individual. If any problems arise please consult a physician.

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